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If a tree has been cut down or it has fallen, there are high chances that the stump will still remain attached to the ground. However, we can grind the stump and cut down the stump to a much lower level. This should be as close to the ground as possible. This process requires special tools and equipment, so please do not try this yourself without consulting. Don’t let an unnecessary stump take advantage of your beautiful yard landscape. Unlike stump removal, stump grinding is less labor-intensive and faster. It’s environmentally friendly and grinding doesn’t leave holes in the ground.

We have a stump grinder machine that we use to mechanically grind the stump out, leading to the generation of fine sawdust residue. We normally grind stumps based on the preferences of the customer, whether they want shorter or moderate remnants. Using a grinder, we can effectively grind the stumps even to as low as 10 inches underground. Give us a call at (949)-629-4940 and we’d be happy to help you out with your stump grinding and stump removal anywhere in the Costa Mesa area.

Our team of tree experts and arborists is available to our customers for root removal services. Root removal is also known as root tracing and involves the removal of unwanted roots of the tree. We carry out our removal services in different areas including landscaped areas, hardscape areas, such as sidewalks and driveway, and embedded tree roots in walls and house foundations. Please note, that we may offer root removal services as standalone or in addition to stump removal or stump grinding. During the removal process, we may use the stump grinding machine to remove roots that are easily accessible.

Besides that, we use hand tools and manual labor to remove deep roots including those that are found in structural walls and house foundations. We also have root-cutting blades, shovels, saws, backhoe, and garden shears to carry out such a task. While roots may not take so much valuable ground space, they might interfere with the drainage system, cause walls to crack, and even lead to the regrowth of the tree. Root removal, stump grinding, and stump removal are no simple tasks, so please be sure to check out our other tree services just in case there is something else you may need help with.

Removing a tree stump may appear to be easy but it’s actually quite challenging. Even as professionals, here is how we normally go about it. We first grind the stump using the grinder. This helps to ensure that the remaining stump is as close to the ground as possible. Our team of tree experts will then drill several holes into the stump. The holes can reach between 10 to 12 inches deep. The chemical is then poured into the holes. Once the chemical treatment starts, the stump will become spongy and soft. This aids in hatching and quick removal of the stump. We are happy to help you with this process anytime in the city of Costa Mesa.

The chemical stump removal process takes weeks. This is to allow for the tree stump to rot. After that, we use a tool such as a felling ax to break out the rotten tree stump. Sometimes we may accelerate the removal process by burning the tree trump. After drilling the holes, we add fuel oil or kerosene and then light the fuel. Please understand that the stump will smolder for a couple of days, and eventually leave behind a hole that’s filled with charcoal, which is why it’s best to consult with a professional stump grinding service.

In case the stump is not fully burnt, we may finish the removal process by using an ax. However, we don’t use this technique with freshly cut stumps or extremely large trumps. We find that burning is only effective if we use it with older stumps that have been left dead for quite some months. Once this process has been completed, we are then able to remove the stump with no concern for you or your property. When you choose to work with us for stump grinding, we will also provide our tree pruning services at a discounted price.


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Stump Removal Costa Mesa

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When trees are damaged or get extremely sick, they are often removed. But once a tree has been removed, the stump usually remains on the ground. We have stump removal services designed to help you make your yard more appealing. This process can be very difficult to take on, which is why we approach it in small steps before taking action. Many homeowners usually try to remove these tree remnants process themselves. However, this poses a serious risk and it’s only advisable for professionals to remove any unsightly stump from your yard. 

Please understand that most stumps have large and deeply rooted systems. So, they can be quite difficult to remove. While the stump removal may involve burning out the stump or the use of fertilizers, these methods are not the only ones we can use. There is also manual stump removal that involves the use of a chainsaw, bow saw, mattock, shovel, ax, and a digging bar among others. We have our own methods for the removal of stumps, but we recommend learning more about the stump grinding process to better understand it. The stump grinding and removal technique is very dangerous, so always speak with a professional arborists.

When working with us, our team of tree experts and arborists recommend the use of professional services due to the following reasons. For one, large and protruding stumps are hazardous and can injure people, especially if they are not clearly visible. They are unattractive and may interfere with the design of the landscape. Tree stumps with deep roots continue to leech nutrients from the soil, making the surrounding plants weak. They can harbor fungal disease that can easily spread to the nearby vegetation, therefore investing your crops and plants. We are Tree Removal Costa Mesa, and our team of tree professionals will always help with any tree or stump issues.


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